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girls, who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point, should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise


I remember seeing this short film a long time ago. Basically, this little machine sees a television with a pretty doll face. She wants to be just like what she sees on t.v, and changes her appearance. The standards get higher and higher (literally), but she tries earnestly.

You can see what happens in the end.This video leaves a powerful message about how our standards of beauty are too high and soon it becomes out of reach.

As one of the comments of the video says

"She was original but she died a copy."

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  • if you are a vegan
  • great!
  • tell me and i will never serve you meat and/or try to question you about it
  • but if you ever
  • ever
  • tell me that im a killer
  • or try to make me feel bad
  • for eating meat
  • i
  • will
  • eat
  • you

ok but consider this: you should feel bad.

ok but consider this: i WILL eat you


AND Finally! Full Res crops of the anna concept art I WAS REALLY SCARED THAT I HAD DELETED THEM BUT THEN I FOUND THEM

As with Elsa’s, feel free to use them as tumblr icons/RP icons. But please reblog or like if you use them— or if you just like em’.

…If there really is a lot of interest in me doing more for Kristoff and Hans (OR EVEN FINISHING OFF ANNA AND ELSA or even other concept art who knows) I’ll consider coloring them (I’ll probably recolor hans tho if I do).

Just send your sacrifices to my ask box :D Or follow this blog or my art blog for more!